Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable Review – Guide To Buy or Not

Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable is the most advanced digital turntable in the market today, offering excellent performance and versatility. It has been designed to give you unmatched value for your money.

High-quality turntabling is alive and well. Quality turntables still exist. Digital vinyl records still set new standards when it comes to audio reproduction.

Digital discs simply don’t offer the same quality sound like those you hear on records. A good turntable is still required if you want high-quality audio reproduction.

Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable

Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable
Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable

A good quality tuna is something that should definitely be in the budget of everyone interested in recording. The best turns will offer you top-notch sound reproduction with exceptional resolution and fluid tracking. The best turn will also have a good amount of headroom to accommodate any changes you make on your record playing. A good turntable will be able to withstand all sorts of abuse such as playing in the car and on your home audio system.

With the new TT-15S1 turntable, the designing group at Marantz has made an audiophile quality turntable with DC servo belt-drive and low-hue tone arm to answer the requirement for a superior source part for LPs.

“Marantz’s first turntable in several years, the appealing, peaceful, all around damped TT-15S1 is worked to Marantz particulars by Clear sound… a startlingly full, intelligent, unique sound,” reports Stereophile in its “Suggested Components” posting.

Marantz TT 15s1 Review

“Plainly all around made, the clear white table isn’t just attractive, it sounds extraordinary, as well,” notes Mike Quinn in Jazz Times. “Marantz has a genuine champ in this bundle and in the event that you can financially plan for the TT15, it will restore the speculation throughout each and every night for quite a long time of fun, adroit tuning in.”

Presumably, about it, the Marantz is an unmistakable looking machine. “The plinth itself is a material joy with finely completed surface and pleasantly machined, delicately adjusted edges, it smells of downplayed differentiation,” reports issue of Hi-fi World magazine.

“The sound is similitude rich, refined but then incredible and dynamic additionally,” the audit proceeds. “The Marantz was skilled and definitive with all the music utilized in something beyond an equipped way; it was a high-goal source part in pretty much every unmistakable acoustic viewpoint.”

Low-Resonance Acrylic Platter and Platform

The acrylic stage and weighty 1.1″- thick acrylic platter give an ultra low reverberation climate for your LPs. An independent ‘gliding’ offbeat engine without suspension contact ensures complete disconnection from the turntable stage, bringing you incredibly tranquil and particularly unadulterated music generation.

A high exactness, upkeep-free fired bearing adds to the smooth exhibition and imaging so practical, you’ll be going after LPs that you haven’t tuned in to in years and wondering about the degree of sonic data.

Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge

Planned by Marantz, the TT-15S1 is worked by eminent German maker Clearaudio and accompanies an excellent Clear sound Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge esteem.

Robert J. Reina raved about this cartridge in Stereophile. “The presentation of the Clea raudio Virtuoso Wood was so ear-opening that I suggest that anybody considering spending on a moving-loop cartridge consider purchasing the Wood rather,” he writes in the December issue.

Be that as it may, the Clear sound Virtuoso cartridge is simply the start of the brilliant highlights of this genuine reference quality item. It likewise incorporates an advanced anodized tone arm with dark arm wand, the attractive enemy of skating framework, and fine-customizable stabilizer, alongside a “Shrewd Clamp” by Southern Engineering, and strong aluminum three-point uphold feet.

Marantz turntable review

The formula for an incredible turntable appears to be straightforward. You need an unbending skeleton that hoses vibration, an engine that keeps a great time, and a needle that can history forests well. While the essential equation is the equivalent for all turntables, the overlooked details are the main problem.

While most record gatherers will be happy with the incredible sounding Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB or the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, there are better turntables for the individuals who genuinely esteem sound loyalty.

One such turntable is the Marantz TT-15S1. Truly, it’s more than three times the cost of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon yet it sounds greatly better to the prepared ear. While the Pro-Ject was only acceptable at recovering point of interest, the Marantz wows by delving into the furrows and separating subtlety you never took note. It’s likewise a show-stopper.

It appears to be practically crazy to consider the Marantz TT-15S1 a deal, yet that is actually what it is. Here’s the reason.

marantz tt 15s1 review whathifi Plan and highlights

The Marantz TT-15S1 is staggering to take a gander at. Its plinth is made out of a solitary bit of iced acrylic with three meaty feet to hose vibration from speakers and strides. This acrylic plinth has two patterns for the tonearm and the engine.

Discussing, the tonearm itself is a masterpiece and emerges from the case wired and all set. You basically need to drop it in the gap, line it up, and fix a solitary set screw. In case you’re utilizing the included turntable tangle, you’ll have to utilize the felt spacer included to space the tonearm up with the goal that the vertical following point is suitable.

The engine itself is totally isolated from the plinth to control vibration. It appears to be odd from the outset however it really functions admirably. The engine just sits without anyone else and is associated with the iced acrylic platter by means of a reasonable elastic belt.

marantz tt-15s1 best price

Speed changes are done physically by putting the belt on the proper pulley (33 ⅓ RPM on the more modest pulley at the base and 45 RPM on the greater, upper pulley). This is certainly not a serious deal as the belt change takes a couple of moments. In any case, there’s no capacity to play 78 RPM records, which is a disgrace. The platter, correspondingly, is thick and weighty and sits on a suspended shaft.

Consolidate these components together and the Marantz TT-15S1 has an unfathomably dull foundation when playing records: There’s no murmur from the engine, no perceptible vibration from the platter or plinth. All you hear is what’s on the record and that’s it.

Marantz incorporates a straightforward felt slip tangle in the case and a Southern Clever Clamp in the container to help settle records. You have the choice of utilizing the included felt tangle or putting records legitimately on the acrylic platter. We suggest utilizing the included tangle as it sounds much better. The Southern Clever Clamp may work for settling horribly twisted records yet it doesn’t make a big deal about a sonic contrast on typical records.

While the included slip tangle and cinch are completely satisfactory, redesigns like a legitimate record weight and tangle like the Herbie’s Audio Lab Way Excellent II make the Marantz sound shockingly better.


Setting up another player is frightening as it requires gathering, anyway arrangement here is entirely straightforward as Marantz TT 15s1 incorporates a very elegantly composed arrangement of directions with pictures to manage you through the cycle.

The included Clear sound Virtuoso Wood cartridge was intended to work with the Marantz’s tonearm and just should be situated as far forward as could be expected under the circumstances.

You’ll probably need to change the turntable somewhat after set up to ensure you’ve truly dialed in the calculation so show restraint. It’s a disgrace Marantz doesn’t toss in a fundamental cartridge arrangement device in the case, however you can get one for inexpensively.

Fortunately, since the Clearaudio cartridge was picked for this turntable, it sounds extraordinary out of the case when dialed to Marantz TT 15s1 guidelines.

One thing to note is that the vertical following power isn’t effectively controlled by essentially adjusting the tonearm and changing the weight to the fitting setting. We energetically suggest getting a vertical following power check like the Shure SFG-2 to appropriately set the weight.


For the measure of cash the Marantz TT-15S1 costs, it would be wise to sound phenomenal. Fortunately, it does.

The first occasion when we dropped the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood on a record, our jaws dropped as the turntable gave such dull foundations and dynamic reach that we went through the primary evening rediscovering our record assortment.

All the work that Marantz and Clearaudio (the Marantz TT 15s1 is worked by Clearaudio to Marantz’s details) put into damping and disengagement paid off. The Marantz TT 15s1 gives quiet foundations, which lets the music stand apart more. Violin strings resound with power and there’s a great feeling of the room.

It’s this feeling of a room that isolates the Marantz from section level hello there fi turntables like the Proj-ect Debut Carbon. The less expensive turntables can’t coordinate the feeling of a room or the inky dim foundation of better quality turntables like the Marantz.

marantz tt-15s1 turntable for sale

The Marantz TT-15S1 matched with the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood gives an uncommonly unbiased introduction. This implies bass sweethearts will be disillusioned by the absence of bass accentuation of this turntable. Bass is profound and finished yet comes up short on the effect that a few audience members may want. On the off chance that your sound framework is a piece on the warm side, the TT-15S1 would be a supplement to take it back to nonpartisan. Nonetheless, if your framework is as of now splendid, the TT-15S1 may fuel the highs.

Mids are brilliant and female vocals like Norah Jones and Sia sound amazing with huge amounts of surface and tone. To many, the nonpartisan introduction of the Marantz may sound somewhat exhausting and now and again excessively itemized. The TT-15S1 is unforgiving in the manner it burrows subtleties. In the event that a record was inadequately aced, you will hear it. Be that as it may, for appropriately aced records, the TT-15S1 is mesmerizing.

Last decision

The Marantz TT-15S1 costs a great deal of cash however thinking about its plan and sound constancy, it’s a take. To place it in context, the included Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge costs $1,000 when bought independently.

In addition, digital recorders offer the convenience of connecting up to your computer. You can quickly and easily transfer your recordings to your computer from your turntable. This makes it easy for you to share your music with other people who share your interest in music.

In order to get the most out of your Marantz TT 15s1, you will want to invest in a quality belt drive turntable. These are the ones that offer you the best sound quality. When shopping for one, look for ones that are made out of durable materials. They also need to be made with high-end audio parts.

If you are not using a belt-drive turntable for your recordings, look for good quality solid platter or dome speakers. to play your records. These are used to amplify the sounds of your records.

Marantz tt 15s1 vs clearaudio concept

Marantz TT 15s1 recorders have all of these features. If you purchase a good quality turntable, they will not disappoint. Make sure that the parts are of good quality before buying one because the lifespan of the machine may be shorter compared to other turntable models. This is not a machine, you can throw away after a couple of weeks.

Always buy a machine that is made of high-quality materials. The machine itself will last for a long time but you will pay for it eventually. So, spend the extra money to get a good product that lasts for a long time. The quality of parts that are used to make a turntable is a major factor to consider.

To ensure that the machine is in good quality, check the labels that are provided with it. They usually include the manufacturer’s name and a description of the parts used. Look for parts that are durable and in good shape. Some parts may be included in the package but the others are optional.

It is important to find a machine that will still work in good condition even after several years of use. Look for the warranty in case there are problems that come up later. These are important components that are required in a good machine.

There are many online stores that sell good quality Marantz TT recorders for a good price. You can compare the prices of different models and find the best ones to buy.

A good quality Marantz TT 15s1 Turntable recorder can provide you with hours of entertainment for hours. This is why it is important that you do not compromise the quality of your recordings. With good quality and a little bit of effort, you can get one that will last longer and be able to entertain for many years. You should not let cheap quality stand in the way of enjoying music to its fullest.

marantz tt 15s1 turntable dust cover

The turntable isn’t great, notwithstanding. The arrangement requires a couple of extra instruments to truly dial in and it’s irritating that no residue spread is incorporated. The included slipmat and record brace are simply OK yet the turntable merits better. We likewise need to alert high pitch touchy audience members and bass sweethearts to look somewhere else as the Marantz TT 15s1 is uncompromisingly impartial.

Yet, these cons are essentially minor disturbances. Taken in general, the Marantz TT 15s1 offers maturing audiophiles the opportunity to pursue higher devotion without purchasing a turntable that costs as much as a vehicle.

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